Sustainable tourism (eco-tourism) is essential to reduce negative impacts of tourism while benefiting local communities and their natural environments. Without sustainable lodging the goals of sustainable tourism cannot be met. This page aims to educate the public and facilitate responsible lodging choices at your next PNW Microadventure location.

What To Look For In Sustainable Lodging

1. Green friendly practices that are implemented consistently

2. Waste and pollution management programs

3. Low energy consumption is a priority

4. Recycling programs are implemented

5. Strives to purchase goods from the local community

6. The use of LED lighting is implemented

7. Encourages people to reuse linens in order to save large amounts of water and reduce detergent consumption (You don't need to wash your clothes every single day!)

8. Utilizes low flow showers and toilets

9. Implements green education for guests and employees alike

Tips And Tricks?

Just ask!

Use your right as a customer to ask about your hotel's sustainable practices. If they employ any they will be happy to share this information with you.


Find out if it's locally owned!

A community member who owns a business often cares about their home and will sometimes give back to their community.


Eating while you stay?

Look for locally sourced produce or goods purchased from other local businesses.


Do your part!

Turn the lights off when you leave and have your room cleaned only sparingly if at all during your stay.