Macro Adventures

Photo by Breaktide Media

Photo by Breaktide Media

So, how much do you love your life? Do you wake up brimming with eager excitement? Does your work leave you feeling respected, creative, and inspired? If so, good for you! Go back to the micro adventures page and be a sustainable micro traveler on your weekends and time off!  

But for those of you who are looking for something a bit grander, some high-adventure, next level, “ish”…. Please, read on….

Macro Adventures


Macro adventures are for people looking for a change in flow of life. The most important thing you need for an adventure like this is the will to do it. Once you have that, you have to find the time and resources to travel epically and sustainably.


Macro adventures are where the comforts of normal life end while the thrill of danger and uncertainty reveals a world of deep adventure. However, they require a serious degree of time commitment. Typically anywhere from a couple of weeks to more than a decade! It’s all up to you and how big you want to go.


Below are lists of incredible sustainable macro adventures that people have taken. They all use limited air travel, go a long distance and are gone for a long time. These links are listed to spark inspiration within the hearts and souls of the people with a love for the sustainability of earth and a big sense of adventure.




What is a Macro Adventure?

Akin to micro adventures, the central current under the idea of macro adventures spawns from sustainable travel. A Macro adventure is an adventure that involves a long distance travelled in an environmentally conscious way (typically without air travel).

Why Macro adventures?

The importance of macro adventures is huge. It is known that carbon emitting transportation such as long haul air travel (flights 6-12 hours) contribute heavily to climate change. But the thing is, there will always be allo-centrics (people who love the thrill of travel) who will never stop moving around the world. The Macro adventure framework provides the outlet for people who want to see the corners of the world but want to do it in an environmentally conscious way.

When to embark on a Macro Adventure?

The thing about the macro adventures highlighted below is that they take time. Anything from a couple weeks to more than a decade can be counted as a macro adventure. With busy and demanding work schedules, a macro adventure isn’t always a possibility. But there are some very notable times for people who have an idea to go out and do it. These times in life will be different for everyone. A good example might be the loss or quitting of a job, or a sabbatical.


Long distance travel began on foot, camel back, and horseback at the inception of humanity. Now let’s check it out the ways in which people across history and up to now have embarked on epic Macro-adventures….


Inspirational People



Jason Lewis took 14 years to travel around the world using only human powered means. This means no sailing, driving or combustion powered transportation were used. He set a world record and is still on the road. Check out his blog at and his complete story from BBC, an outside source here:


Paul Salopek has been a traveling journalist his whole career and has just embarked upon a journey to retrace the path of human migration across the continents. Walking and writing stories from Ethiopia to the southern tip of South America. Check out his story as told from BBC here:

Check out his website documenting his movements and inspirations here:


Maria Leijerstam is an unbelievable woman. She was the first person to ever cycle to the south pole and now she wants to cycle across the Atlantic ocean. How? Read her story at BBC:

Or check out her blog here:


Levison Wood is a British wildlife photographer and Photojournalist that walked 4000 miles besides the Nile river.


Gregg Bleakney, a Seattleite rides bicycle from Alaska to Argentina….


Possible Itineraries


  • Itineraries for Biking in the USA, Canada, and Mexico

  • National Geographic ideas for the best road trips in the states – Bring a couple friends!!

  • Cross Country Road trip in a Tesla



This is National Geographic’s link to their 100 Greatest Adventure books ever written. Although some of them include flying, I think you get the point that they were all on a macro scale:


    This is Men’s Journal’s list of the 50 Best adventure books. Not all of them are true but once again, the idea is that they are on a grand scale:


    This is a list of some the top 50 Fictional adventure books. Of course none of these are true stories but once again they expose the would be traveler to the imaginations, inspirations and creativities to be had while travelling:


    This is outside magazines top 25 books for the well-read explorer, have a gander…


    This is a list of the top 50 Non-fiction Adventure books according to a website called “the art of manliness”…


A caveat, great sacrifice:

This is the side of long distance travel that people don’t like to talk about, but it is the most important because it gives you a rounded view of your journey.

Leaving home to travel great distances to distant lands in a slow but sustainable way necessarily includes sacrifices of many kinds. Before embarking on any of the below journeys, all of our fellow travelers had to think about how their decision to leave home affected their family, friends and community. Even with the social connectivity of our modern world, you are still physically separating yourself from your loved ones and essentially putting your life at home on hold.

But it is also a sacrifice of a way of life. Being on the road is a much different experience of life than getting into a rhythm at home.  You have to sacrifice comfort, alter your view of time, and adjust to a new way of being. The way of being a traveler.  So if you feel the call, know where there is a will, there is a way. Here were some examples of people who found the way. May they help you to find yours.