Adventure Time in Leavenworth!

When the weather outside is frightful, it's time to get out and get climbing! Ice climbing is an excellent way to get off the beaten path and explore the beautiful terrain that surrounds Leavenworth. There are a number of locations to climb and also a guide service to show you the ropes before you gear up. There are plenty of other winter activities in the Leavenworth area: hiking, climbing, skiing, snowboarding, etc. If you are interested in furthering your adventure after ice climbing, plan ahead and check out the Osprey Ski Shop to find affordable winter rentals.

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For any information regarding activities on the snow, you can visit Northwest Mountain School's site!

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Come Gee! Come Haw! It's time for a new way to travel through the snow. Can you imagine the rush of flying through the snowy outdoors behind a pack of these powerful pups? Unleash your wild side with Northwest Dogsled Adventures. Find your place in the pack and mush through the powdery trail for an unforgettable experience!

Book a tour here! 

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Do you have a need for speed? Find new challenging terrains on the unknown side of the mountain with back country skiing. There are classes to improve your current skills or learn new skills, or you can gather your own gear and find your own path! 

For avalanche safety information and equipment options, visit Northwest Mountain School's site!

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Baby, it's cold outside! Prepare to get a little chilly and experience camping in a new setting. Lake Wenatchee State Park provides a variety of winter camping options. If you're unsure how to prepare, Washington Trails Association has tips on how to appropriately plan your overnight stay. If you are still unsure of what to bring, here is a list that will give you a good idea of what you will need in the cold.

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If you enjoy packing your own food, then Dan's Food Market is a good choice. It is important to find healthy food to enjoy by the fire but is also easy to pack. By shopping at Dan's Food Market you are contributing to the local economy and are provided with fresh organic produce. 

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If you like catching your own food, then fishing in Leavenworth in December won't be a disappointment. Fish Lake is a popular spot for winter fishing and has some of the best rainbow trout and perch fishing of the year. Another option is angling for white fish on the Wenatchee River. Upper Columbia Guide Service or the Northwest Fly Fishing Academy are available for instruction or trip planning. 

Traveling from Bellingham to Leavenworth doesn't need to be expensive or require a vehicle. For only a four-hour trip, you can save money on gas and leave a smaller footprint on the environment! The Greyhound bus line provides inexpensive round trips to Leavenworth.  

However, if having your own vehicle sounds nice to be able to hop from one adventure to the next, the trip is only about 3 hours depending on the weather.